Toll Brothers

Your Career at Toll Brothers - Hear Firsthand Insights from Employees

These videos were created to give home shoppers and other viewers a behind-the-scenes look at life in a Toll Brothers community. View clips from the series for a personal account of what it's like to build a career with the nation's leading builder of luxury homes.

Construction Manager - J.R. Construction Manager - J.R.

When you meet J.R., you'll see that a Toll Brothers Construction Manager wields a lot of power and responsibility in building our communities. This accomplished professional manages the entire home building process - from raw dirt to closing. J.R. is just one example of the many talented individuals who contribute to Toll Brothers' legacy as a renowned builder of extraordinary luxury homes.

Sales Manager - Dee Sales Manager - Dee

When you hear Dee talk about her role as a Sales Manager for Toll Brothers, you'll see that building solid, trusting relationships with our home buyers is an immensely important part of the experience. For our buyers, the Sales Manager is the face of our company and the first introduction to life in a Toll Brothers community.

Project Manager - Brian Project Manager - Brian

Brian, a Toll Brothers Project Manager, likens his job to that of a CEO - someone whose influence is felt at every step and by every person involved in the home building process. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a can-do attitude, the Project Manager is responsible for transforming a plot of dirt to a beloved home - and a place to build a lifetime of memories.

Design Associate - Cara Design Associate - Cara

For Cara, a Toll Brothers Design Associate, the home buying experience is personal. This is where it gets real - the individual who embodies this role will help our buyers turn their home into a home that reflects their personalities and enhances their lifestyle.