Toll Brothers


Top talent deserves top benefits.


After 60 days of service, benefit-eligible employees will be invited to enroll in core benefits such as medical, dental, vision and insurance plans. You’ll be encouraged to review the plans again during Open Enrollment each fall. You’re also able to make changes to your elections if you experience a qualified life event, such as getting married or having a baby.

Medical Plans — We offer several medical plans, including a high deductible plan that’s accompanied by a Health Savings Account, to ensure you and your family have a variety of high-quality plan options. All of our plans offer some preventive care at no cost and help you cover the costs of prescription drugs.

Dental and Vision Plans — Whether you choose the value of an in-network-only plan or the freedom of a plan that lets you go to any dentist you choose, all Toll Brothers dental coverage options include preventive care, basic services and major restorative care for you and your family. Our vision plans save you money on eye exams, eyeglasses and contact lenses.

Telemedicine — SwiftMD is an alternative way to access medical care quickly and affordably via 24/7 telephone and video conference consults. You can be diagnosed, get medical advice, and receive a prescription for routine, non-emergency conditions (such as earaches, sinus infections, and insect bites) without leaving your home or office. If you participate in any of our Aetna medical plans, you and your enrolled dependents are eligible to use SwiftMD at no charge.

Life and AD&D Insurance — We offer Life and AD&D coverage equal to 1x your basic annual earnings at no cost to you.

Long and Short Term — We offer long-term disability in the amount of 60% of your basic month earnings at no cost to you. You may also purchase short-term disability coverage at a reduced group rate.


At Toll Brothers, we give you many opportunities to save and grow your income, whether for long-range goals like retirement or for the short-term satisfaction of having more money on hand when you most need it.

401(k) Savings Plan — The Toll Brothers 401(k) Savings Plan is a great way to save for your retirement. You choose how much to contribute and how your contributions will be invested. Toll Brothers will supplement your payroll deductions with company contributions to help build your savings. You can enroll in the plan at any time starting on your first day of work and can contribute as much of your pay as you choose, up to IRS limits. After you’ve been with Toll Brothers for one year, you’re eligible for the company match, which is a valuable way to significantly increase your retirement savings. After one year, you’ll be eligible for an additional discretionary company contribution.

Employee Stock Purchase Plan — The Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) allows you to purchase Toll Brothers stock at a discount off the public share price on specified dates.

Adoption Assistance — Toll Brothers supports growing families by reimbursing up to $3,500 in adoption related expenses. This benefit can be used by men and women and applied to the adoption of up to two children.


There are some unique perks that go along with working for America’s leading luxury homebuilder!

Guesthouses — Take your family or friends for a vacation stay at a magnificent Toll Brothers home. For a modest fee, Toll Brothers makes available furnished guesthouses for employees at resort destinations around the country, from grand six bedroom houses to luxury urban apartments. Any full-time employee, regardless of length of service, is eligible to reserve a guesthouse.

Home Purchase and Mortgage Discounts — Interested in living in a Toll Brothers home of your own? As an employee, you’re eligible to receive a discount off the purchase price, depending on your years of service. In addition, you can receive a discount off the mortgage fee with TBI Mortgage, depending on your years of service. This benefit can be used towards the purchase of a new home, or refinancing your current home, regardless of whether it is a Toll Brothers property.

Employee Referral Program — Our employees are often our best recruiters, and you’re encouraged to refer friends and family for open positions at Toll Brothers. If your referral results in a successful hire, you’ll be rewarded with a special referral bonus. Make three successful referrals in a 12-month period and you’ll receive an additional bonus! Bonus amounts and other details vary by business.


We believe that everyone needs to take time off to recharge and refresh, take care of personal business, or care for yourself or a family member. Toll Brothers provides a variety of policies to help you take the time you need.

Paid time off — Hard work requires time for recharging and restoring. Employees receive vacation, sick, and personal time off.

Paid Wellness Day — No one should ever feel as though they don’t have time for their annual physical or critical health screening, such as a colonoscopy or mammogram. Our Wellness Day policy lets you take one paid day off per year for preventive care. And it doesn’t have to be taken all at once—you can use it in any combination of hourly increments.

Parental and Maternity Leave — Toll Brothers provides all eligible employees – both men and women – one week of Paid Parental Leave following the birth or adoption of a child. Eligible employees who give birth or become incapacitated due to pregnancy, including postpartum care, will be provided three weeks of Paid Maternity Leave. This means that women who give birth and who are eligible for both Parental and Maternity Leave may take up to a total of four weeks of paid leave.


We’re committed to helping you have a rewarding and successful career with us. Professional development is a top priority at Toll Brothers, and we are always working to grow and enhance the opportunities available to you.

Training — At Toll Brothers, you’ll be able to develop your skills through a combination of on-the-job learning and formal training. Toll Brothers University and our Talent Development department provide dozens of classes and workshops developed specifically to meet employee needs. Courses range from technical skills to public speaking and time management. For those further along in their career, there are intensive management and leadership training workshops.

Internal Career Site — Recruiting from within and creating growth opportunities for our staff are important aspects of career development, so we’ve made it easier. To ensure applications from employees don’t get lost in the shuffle, we have the My Toll Career website. The site provides an easy way to search for current openings and a separate application stream for employees. While we consider all applications on their merits, wherever they originate, this process alerts recruiters to the existence of an internal candidate—a fact that otherwise might have been missed.